Blvd BombS and Boulevard Bombs Foundation
Making A Difference!
Turkeys for Homeless Shelters.
Thank you, we couldn't have done it without you!
Thank you to the people that donated food at our
Show 'N' Shine.

food they donated.  Turkeys were purchased with
A special thanks to George and Richard for all the
Socks donated into the tote bags for the
homeless and to City Team.  
November 2009
Thank you George Gutierrez for this
wonderful idea!!
November 2010
The rain did not stop us from
dropping off the turkeys we
had purchased to Second
Harvest Food Bank.
November 2011
November 2012
Blvd BombS donated 40 turkeys,
almost five hundred pounds.  
The rain did not stop us from
making our donations.  
November 2013

This is part of the reason for our fundraiser shows.
Thank you for helping us help the less fortunate.

This year we donated 80 turkeys, 856 pounds!!

We also donated to Safeway's  Help Hunger Drive.  
November 2014
Second Harvest Food Bank 11.22.2014 We did it!!
Donated 100 turkeys!! Blvd BombS Making A Difference!
Last year we donated 80 turkeys and this year 100!!
The weight was 1,114 pounds. Thank you, we could not have not done it
without your support at our Fundraiser Show & Shine on the Second
Saturday of September.

Hope to see you next year, Blvd BombS Fundraiser Show & Shine,
Saturday, September 12, 2015.

I believe in miracles, maybe next we can donate a total of 200 turkeys.  
November 2015
Although we are not a
nonprofit, Cosmopltan
Catering has been donating
turkeys for our cause since
2013.  Last year they donated
50 Turkeys!
Donated turkeys to two local
homeless shelters and to
Second Harvest Food Bank.
Since 2009 our friend and manager
Edward at a Walmart store had
helped us by donating a case of
Walmart's tote bags that helps at our
fundraiser shows for the Goody
Bags and Give A Bags for the
Homeless with the items we
purchase at Walmart, such as the
gloves, fleece blankets, etc..  He
also donated turkeys.  
Unfortunately, he has retired, but
we were introduced to his
replacement manager Priscilla.   We
were blessed because she too was
kind and also donated a few pies.  
November 2016
November 2017
November 2018